GOAL      –      EXECUTION      –      TEAM WORK

We understand the demands of a Global Marketplace.

From manufacturing electronics to medical devices …  irrigation parts to automobiles … every industry has their own standards.

At AMS, our goal is to understand and meet the standards that apply to your particular trade.  Custom molding is a highly competitive market.  Our approach to design and execution is critical for gaining a competitive edge and it is what sets us apart in our industry.  We strive to meet or exceed your expectations on a daily basis through strict adherence to plans and procedures, continuous improvement, teamwork and company pride.

AMS is an industry leader when it comes to custom parts production.

Our dedicated TEAM offers manufacturing solutions and support for a wide range of industries.  We are committed to making sure your job is done right and completed on time.  We strive to provide outstanding performance, enhanced customer satisfaction and superior products.

We invite you to tour our facility and appreciate your feedback.


Being both ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified showcases                                                        the rigorous quality system we have in place.